July 23, 2024
Prime Rate

Essex has access to more capital providers than anyone else in the business.  Over the past 30 years,

Sources of capital in casinos come in many forms. While some entrepreneurs may jump into starting a casino business, others may look into getting funding from financial institutions, government funds, or even banks and other financial establishments. As the main casino business plays an important role in the local economy, the casino business must be supported with capable managers. real money pokies appThe casino business is very popular among private individuals who have long memories of winning at the casino tables. They usually have good connections with those in authority (i.e., local politicians), which give them the inside story of how the casino operations are run. Casino owners and/or CEO's hire these individuals to help them raise required funds for the operation.
Essex has developed deep relationships with a wide range of lending sources, including life insurance companies, CMBS conduit lenders, national and regional banks, Agency lenders, debt and equity funds, and private investors

Founded as part of the correspondent network of life insurance companies, Essex maintains correspondent relationships with over 35 life insurance companies, exclusively representing several in the state of Colorado. Over the past three decades, Essex has also expanded its network of lending partners in able to offer clients the ideal capital solution for any investment strategy.